Our company serves biopharma, medical device and in vitro diagnostics companies exclusively.
For the past 25 years, we have delivered a unique blend of skill sets in market research, web development and packaging/labeling development. If your need is for market information anywhere in the world, expanded web presence, or global consistency and accuracy of product labeling—you are in the right place.  
Market Research & Market Information
Utilizing a full range of secondary and primary qualitative/quantitative methodologies, PII delivers quality information and analysis required to help you make better informed decisions. We adapt to the needs of your key audiences by employing multiple methods including live, phone, mobile and online surveys and interactive discussion forums.

Web Development & Programming
We offer the full range of design and technical skills required to develop product and eCommerce web sites, online questionnaires, custom databases, secure interactive forums and secure document portals.

Packaging/Labeling Development
PII has developed proprietary systems, and we utilize the latest technologies to assure accuracy and consistency of design and content across your entire body of labeling--component to component, product to product, language to language.